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When first started, Purple Haze was a half acre cow paddock around a newly built house - but Sally had a long standing dream.

From a very early age Sally was passionate about flowers - cutting them, planting them (and watching them fail to prosper!).  Her desire to grow flowers commercially didn't eventuate until, at 39 years old, a terrible accident involving a tractor left her with major skin, arm and leg injuries.  In pain and unable to sleep, it was a gift of lavender massage cream that finally provided some much needed relief.      

A subsequent visit to a friend with a wonderful lavender garden inspired Sally to grow the flowers that could continue to heal her injuries.  She joined the Lavender Association, attended conferences, and worked hard to attain the skills and knowledge required. In 1998 her Lavender Farm was established.

By 1999 Sally had her very first distill - it was just half a litre of "gold" - but the dream was attained and the Lavender Farm was producing.  

In 2006 the building of a fully licensed cafe enabled the public to visit and enjoy her endeavours, and sample the wonderful lavender based products being developed with the help of a knowledgeable friend.


Some years on, Sally's dream continues ... Purple Haze Lavender Cafe provides a wonderful relaxing environment for visitors and casual diners.


Its products heal and inspire others, and the fully catered functions - at the Cafe, or provided locally or remotely - continue to delight both new and returning customers.


(See our Customer Feedback.)

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